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설명: 설명: 설명: C:\Users\창성\Desktop\images\sub_jom.gifCOMPANY : MI HWA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

   회사명 : 미화인더스트리

설명: 설명: 설명: C:\Users\창성\Desktop\images\sub_jom.gifADDRESS : 147-3, SARIHYUN-RO, ILSANDONG-KU, KOYANG-SI, GYEONGGI-DO, KOREA

   주소 : 경기도 고양시 일산동구 사리현로 147-3

설명: 설명: 설명: C:\Users\창성\Desktop\images\sub_jom.gifPHONE : 82-31-962-1713


설명: 설명: 설명: C:\Users\창성\Desktop\images\sub_jom.gifFAX : 82-31-962-1714


설명: 설명: 설명: C:\Users\창성\Desktop\images\sub_jom.gifDATE OF FOUNDATION : NOVEMBER.2, 1998

                                                    1998년 11월 02일 설립

설명: 설명: 설명: C:\Users\창성\Desktop\images\sub_jom.gifCEO : CHANG SUNG HONG


설명: 설명: 설명: C:\Users\창성\Desktop\images\sub_jom.gifNUMBER OF EMPLOYEES : 20

설명: 설명: 설명: C:\Users\창성\Desktop\images\sub_jom.gifANNUAL SALES : $4,000,000


설명:설명: 설명: C:\Users\창성\Desktop\images\sub_jom.gifPRODUCING AND EXPORTING PRODUCTS (제조 및 수출품목) : Oversized gas oven, commercial gas oven, stock pot range, filter
   machine, portable gas stove, household water purifier, household air cleaner, oxygen generator
,gas saslmander,
   gas griddle, gas range, gas range with cabinet, electric food warmer
, gas steam convection oven, gas convection oven
   with electric proofer,90cm slide-in gas oven, 90cm5 burner built-in gas cooktop (gas hop), 90cm5 top burner gas oven
   food truck(gas fryer, gas range, gas griddle, gas skewer roaster)

설명: 설명: 설명: C:\Users\창성\Desktop\images\sub_jom.gifEXPORTING GOODS(수출제품) : Commercial freezer / refrigerator, showcase, fan coil unit, oil boiler, gas boiler, PEX Pipe,
   PE insulation hose, Butane gas cartridge, out door goods.

설명: 설명: 설명: C:\Users\창성\Desktop\images\sub_jom.gifPLANNED PRODUCT (개발예정품) : Potable ceramic gas Roaster (Mini Oven), Gas steam Convection oven, Gas Baking oven

설명: 설명: 설명: C:\Users\창성\Desktop\images\sub_jom.gifCARRYING BRANDS (취급상표) : PRIVATE BRAND - METRONY, ICHIBAN, MASTERCHEF
                                         OEM - BEC, SUPERCHEF, EXTRA



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